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Meet Giavanni Shim

Age: 19

Hometown: Roselle


Are you a member of any club or student group?: I am a member of Psi Beta and a NJ stars recipient. I am also a runner and thrower for the track and field team here at Union. Favorite Class at Union: So far my favorite class at Union was psychology taught by Professor Bramante. The class discussions were always interesting and I learned a lot of psychology and interesting concepts from that class.
Why did you choose Union?: I chose Union because they offered an affordable way to attend college and had a great nursing program.

What is your fondest memory so far at Union?:
So far my fondest memory would have to be the track and field team national’s trip because everyone there worked as a team. Almost everyone was given a random responsibility and although the tasks were a bit difficult, we came together as a family and succeeded. At the end of the experience, our bond became stronger.
Interesting fact about yourself: I love being active; I have participated in soccer, track and field, acrobatic gymnastics, karate, soft ball and volley ball with my friends. In karate I came in second place in a tournament.

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college?:
The biggest adjustment was managing my time more effectively and not procrastinating. I also realized that I am more independent and responsible with my work.

Career or further education Goals:
In the future i would like to transfer to a 4 year college or university with a RN to BS program and get my BS. I also love to cook and might also chase after that but my main focus right now is nursing.
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