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Meet Marc Utrecht Binaluyo Tabin

Hillside, New Jersey

Are you a member of any club or student group?

Yes, I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Psi Beta. Also, I serve as Senator for the Asian Student Association (A.S.A.) also known as Tropa (slang in tagalog, native tongue from the Philippines- for troops, group of friends). Finally, I am a Student Ambassador and I am also an NJ Stars Student.

Favorite Class in Union?

Well, I loved the experience in Digital Video Editing, Multimedia Imaging and Multimedia Deviation courses.

What is your fondest memory so far at Union:

My fondest memory would be creating the TROPA Club and being part of it. We not only enrich our peers with the different cultures of Asia, but also network with other A.S.A. (such as FLASH from Seton Hall University) to not only expand and grow but to also assist people in need. For example: fundraising and charitable work for the devastation in the Philippines that recently happened. It has been a great enjoyable experience filled with fun-filled memories.

Interesting fact about yourself?

I love all forms of art. Growing up, I found myself sculpting with mud as a child, drawing cartoons, playing music (one of the instruments is six years of alto-saxophone), building a spaceship out of cardboard boxes and pretend it’s a spaceship. You know how some kids scribbled all over the walls at home and then fear what they're parents would say? I was that kid that drew on the wall and then proudly called my parents over to show what I did- only to get scolded. I have a great creative impulse and use my imagination to make something, whether it is a concept for film or a logo for a company. It's just my passion.

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college:

The biggest adjustment can be described by just two big words, "time management", managing my time between work and play. I take care of my younger brother who is autistic, at the same time I am a full-time student as well as very engaged in responsibilities for club activities that I am in. Those two big words make a huge difference.



Career or further education Goals:

I am going to pursue bachelor’s degree at NJCU (New Jersey City University) because not only are they giving me a scholarship but they also have my major in Media Design and my masters. After I'm done, I am planning on starting my own design company with a small group of friends that I grew up with, who also have the same fiery passion as I do. I trust them.

What else we ought to know about you?

One of my driving fuels isn't just to succeed and accomplish my life goals but to also build a future where my younger autistic brother can be happy. In other words, I live two lives; he is one of my driving fuels that motivates me throughout the year to keep aiming high. Also, I have played guitar, ukulele, trumpet, piano, and saxophone. I have a love for chess, but it’s hard to find players because everyone now plays console games.

How has Union County College changed you as a person/ what did you take the most from being a student at Union County College?

Growing up, I was always self-reliant and I still am in some ways. However, sometimes you can't do everything on your own. I have learned you will always have love and support wherever you go, just don't be afraid to grab the hand that comes to you. I found myself to have better time management and also am more productive and active in the community. I see myself slowly metamorphosing into not just a leader to my peers but also evolving into an overall better human being.

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