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Meet Clara Angelica Angel Benitez

Hillside (Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Favorite Class at Union:
Child Psychology
Why did you choose Union? :
I chose Union County College because my high school English teacher recommended it for me. He suggested Union County College because his previous students had also taken his advice and they came back to him with their stories and experiences. He wanted me to experience the same thing.
What is your fondest memory so far at Union:
Being employed by the Payroll Department of Union County College. Working at the Union County College Payroll Department has given me an opportunity to learn a whole new world. I'm very lucky because not every student worker gets the chance to work side by side with these professionals and be trained like they've trained me. This experience has expanded my world of opportunities.
Interesting fact about you:
I sing at Saint Catherine of Siena's choir located in Hillside.
What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college:
 My biggest adjustment was getting used to a whole new system and having to take care of my responsibilities all by myself.
Career or further education Goals:
I am planning to be a Pediatrician and thinking about going for my own practice. I've always loved children since I was one myself. I remember I used to like to walk around carrying my little cousins, changing their diapers, feeding them and even putting them to bed. I want to have that same love for other peoples' children because they are our future.
What else we ought to know about you? :
I’m a friendly person but it’s kind of hard to see from the outside. I like singing at church alongside my family. My whole family sings while my dad plays the guitar. I also have a pet rabbit named Buffalo, and he's the cutest thing ever! His name is Buffalo because when he was a baby he looked like a little buffalo. He is a one year old Jersey Wooly and he's a lovable (sometimes grumpy) apple lover bunny. I've had him since he was eight weeks old.
How has Union County College changed you as a person/ what did you take the most from being a student at Union County College? :
Union County College has turned me into a better student. I now try to give 100% on whatever I do.
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