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Academic offerings and policy

1.  Special Academic Programs:
 Academic Remediation
 Advanced Placement Credit
 Cross Registration
 Off-Campus Study
 Distance Learning
 Student Designed Major
 Dual Enrollment
 English as a Second Language (Domestic) (ESL)
 Weekend College

2. Special Remedial Services Offered by the Institution

  • Learning centers
  • Remedial instruction
  • Special Counselors
  • Reduced Course load
  • Tutoring
Freshman Academic Regulations

 3. Minimum requirements to continue in good academic standing:  GPA 2.0

Graduation Requirements

 4. Students must complete a core curriculum prior to graduation:  Yes

 5. Areas in which all or most students are required to complete some course work prior to graduation:

  • Mathematics
  • English (including composition)
  • Science (biological or physical)
 6. Minimum number of credit hours required for students in their major field of study for graduation (Associate degree):  64

 7. Students generally declare their major:    By end of first year

Completion and Continuation of Studies

 8. Academic progress of freshmen at your institution:

  • 54% of freshmen enrolling in the fall usually complete the year in good academic standing.
  • 60% of freshmen return for their sophomore year.
  •  7%  of students entering as freshmen complete associate degree programs within 3 years of study.
9. Percentage of graduates of all 2-year programs (both terminal and transfer) who entered four-year programs:

  • 14% of all 2-year program graduates enter 4-year programs.
10. Percentage of graduates of 2-year transfer programs  who enter 4-year programs:

  • 61% of 2-year transfer program graduates enter 4-year programs.
Non-traditional Extended Class availability

11. Extensive evening or early morning classes available at the undergraduate level:  Yes

12. Saturday classes available at the undergraduate level:  Yes

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