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New Parking Garage Opens in Elizabeth

Thursday, January 19, 2012
The J. Christian Bollwage Garage on W. Jersey Street in Elizabeth (right between the Lessner and Kellogg buildings) is open for business and is welcoming Union County College students, staff, and faculty.

Student Accounts is currently selling the tag, which is solely for use in this new garage.   This tag does not replace the current Union County College parking hang tag used in the Elizabeth Grand Street Garage, or other parking areas of the College.  

These tags for the J. Christian Bollwage Garage have chips embedded in them that activate the entrance, level 3, and exit gates. The administrative cost for this tag for use in this new garage during the spring term through 7/31/12  will be $25. That is, students and faculty/staff need to pay this additional $25 in addition to the fee that is currently being paid for the Union County College tag.  The annual surcharge will then be $35 for a new tag for each 12 month period starting 8/1/12 and thereafter.

All faculty and staff are welcome to these tags, as are any students who are taking at least seven hours of credit courses during the Spring term. All others with existing Union County College parking tags may continue to park in the Grand Street Garage in Elizabeth.

Some tips for using the new parking garage:
  • Union County College employees and students need to park on level 3 and above. You’ll be charged $20 if you park anywhere else. (If you park on LL, G or 2 levels, you’ll be charged $20.)
  • Make sure you drive through two gates—at the entrance on Caldwell Place and on the third-level gate—before you find a parking spot. You can park anywhere you want between the third level and the roof.
  • Hang the tag from the rear-view mirror with the tag’s red side facing forward.
  • Come to a complete stop at the gate.
  • You have 15 minutes to exit if the lot is full and the 3rd floor gate doesn’t open.

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