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UPDATE; Friday, November 2. A Message to Faculty from Dr. Lown

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Fri., Nov. 2, 2012

Dear Faculty,
I hope that this message finds you and your families safe and well. The devastating results of Hurricane Sandy have left many of us without power, gasoline, and in a number of instances, far worse. Some have lost homes as well as possessions that can never be replaced. As we begin to restore some degree of normalcy, our focus will be on helping our students. We are getting messages from students through social media asking about their ability to complete the semester. I am hoping that we can all use the creativity and the caring ethos that is part of the Union County culture to construct learning experiences that will facilitate fall course completion for our students, taking into consideration the differing circumstances in which we all find ourselves.
To that end, we have established a Hurricane Sandy Emergency ANGEL site and are asking all faculty to establish an online presence. Faculty members can access this site and provide course materials for students. If you are not an online instructor, please contact Beth Ritter-Guth at beth.ritter-guth@ucc.edu. She will upload any course materials you send to her. Also, we have prepared some guidelines for online materials that are listed below.
As we prepare for the coming week and the certainty that it may take time for power to be restored to all areas of the county, we are evaluating our class schedules for the week. Should Cranford not be open, some of your classes will be relocated to Elizabeth or Plainfield. The rest of the classes should be managed through the Hurricane Sandy ANGEL website.
As you have heard me say many, many times, your commitment to your students is a hallmark of your practice. Do whatever you can, within your current situation, to help our students manage these overwhelming circumstances. Please know that I understand that we are all working under substantive limitations.
  1. Log on to http://ucconline.ucc.edu Use the username sandy8 and the password sandy8

  1. Include a message to students that lets them know your expectations for the next few days. Include your contact information.
  2. Provide specific pages of reading and/or problem(s) for students to work on. Ask them to email you the assignment or ask them to bring their work with them when we return to campus.
  3. Assign a video or clip for students to watch and respond to them using guiding questions. Here are some excellent sites to find videos:
    1. http://www.learner.org/resources/browse.html
    2. http://video.pbs.org/
    3. http://desktopvideo.about.com/od/educationalvideosonline/Educational_Videos_Online.htm
    4. http://www.khanacademy.org/
  4. If you would like to provide more detailed content, connect with Beth Ritter-Guth, and she will help you find a tool that best suits your needs.
Dr. Maris Lown

Maris Lown, EdD
Vice President Academic Affairs
Union County College
1033 Springfield Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016
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